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With a focus on science and technology, News Africa provides readers in-depth coverage about the most innovative developments from prestigious organizations. NGO News Africa highlights developing news regarding the most advanced science and technology innovations from esteemed scientific journals with a focus on biology, chemistry, physics. This website will serve educators as well as students that want more knowledge about their field. We want to give you a chance at changing the world. If that’s something which interests and inspires you, then we need your voice! 

Why publish a guest post with us?

We are always looking for new writers to provide you with high-quality articles. Your content will be promoted through our website and various social media platforms, so that a wider audience can read it!

We love when tech bloggers contribute their time because they know how much enthusiasm there is around topics like these in the community at large.

Tips and requirements for getting your article published:

If you are looking to publish your content on the blog, then make sure that it is error-free and includes sources. You should also write in a professional tone with good grammar usage throughout. We want this site’s readership demographics to range from all age groups because we believe there’s something for everyone here at our humble little corner of cyberspace.

Write with exceptional quality and grammar; errors cost readers time that they could be spending on something else. We check all posts before publishing them just to ensure this rule holds true.

How To Submit Guest Posts 

You can email us your written content. After you submit the article, our team will carefully review it and fix any errors if need be before publishing for all to read.  Once submitted to us from start-to-finish they will take care of everything from correcting spelling mistakes to formatting anything else that may need fixing.

We are looking for passionate, clear writers who can check their facts and write what they think is right. If you want to create change in the world with your words then join us. We hope this opportunity draws your attention and we look forward to having you here. Come write for us!

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