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Four Tips to Enhance Your Curb Appeal & Increase Property Value

Four Tips to Enhance Your Curb Appeal & Increase Property Value
Four Tips to Enhance Your Curb Appeal & Increase Property Value

If you have a yard and are looking to increase your property value, landscaping is one of the best updates you can do for your place. Landscaping can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your house, increasing your property value in the process. So let’s get started.

We will take you through 4 simple steps to show you how you can make your yard more aesthetically pleasing and, as a result, increase your property value. 

Staining Concrete

For getting an instant upgrade to your entrance and yard, you can stain your concrete pathways, which is a great way to work with what they already have. The first thing you would need to do is to clean the concrete. For that, the most effective way is by using a pressure washer with the rotary surface cleaner. This should get it properly clean and dust-free so that the stain can really soak in. 

Once the concrete is clean, you are ready to put down the stain. Before you get started, you might want to tape off the house to protect it from staining too. A pressurized backpack sprayer is great for the job, but you can also just use a handheld sprayer if that’s all you have. Start in the back corner, closest to the house, and work your way down towards the yard. That way, you don’t work yourself into a corner. 

Adding stain to the concrete will help soften it up and tie it into the rest of the landscape. If your front door is too dark, you may want to add a little color to it by hanging a bright wreath on it. A nice bright yellow one will really pop on a dark door.

Trimming the Yard

Trimming up the yard can not only enhance the entrance, it also opens up the space to increase visibility and allow easy passage along the paths.

Building A Dry Creek Bed

Another beautiful enhancement to your yard would be a dry creek bed. This can help define your yard as well as just create dimension. So let us show you how it’s done. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out where you want the dry creek bed in your landscape. You should also ask a professional landscaper or hardscaping company for ideas and inspiration. Once you have decided on the perfect area, go ahead and measure and mark the boundaries using spray paint. After defining your creek area, you can start digging out the center. You should dig about a foot or so in the center, and then gradually grate up to the edges. Next come the boulders- When placing the boulders to frame the sides, dig out just a little under them so that they sit naturally. 

Once you place your last boulder, you will need to lay out the landscape fabric for the bed, cutting it to the correct dimensions. It will help keep the weeds out. Tuck it underneath some of the boulders, then use landscape staples to hold it in place elsewhere. 

That should do it. Your creek bed is complete, and all the elements will come together to produce an aesthetically pleasing end result.

Add Entrance Plants

You can also enhance your property by adding some entrance plants. An auger (drill) can help you get quick holes in the flowerbed to put in new plants, but you can also use a plain old shovel too.

When choosing plants for your yard, you need to consider how much space you have. Don’t place them too close together or too far apart. For larger plants- you’ll need to space them about two and a half feet or so from each other. This will give you a nice contrast against the wall behind it. You should dig the holes as deep as your plant containers. Place your plants and spread some soil amendment to cover the difference in the flowerbed, adding a touch of fertilizer.

Bonus Tip: For an additional pop of color, you can add in a ‘flame bush’. The bright flowers will tie in beautifully with the other colors and brighten the landscape.

These simple projects can kick up your curb appeal and add value to your property.

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